Porter’s Competitive Strategy: Netflix Case Study

Strategic Management Online Crash Course

In this crash course you will be in contact with ideas presented in the book “Competitive Strategy”, by Prof. Michael Porter. To better understand the theory, we will present the Netflix case study, a company that revolutionizes the movie and series distribution market, which was previously dominated by open network TV and cable packages.

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Besides receiving an International Certificate equivalent to a 3-hour class, students who demonstrate academic excellence in this crash course, run for scholarships for CUOA’s short-term programs.

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Prof. Ricardo Britto is a Doctor in Business Administration, and Dean of IBS Americas. Coordinator of programs in the CUOA Business School, he is also a specialized researcher in the areas of Strategy and International Marketing.

Additional Information

Crash Course

This crash course is composed of a recorded class, an article on Michael Porter’s Competitive Strategy, with a case study on Netflix, and a knowledge exam. The video lecture is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, while the article and knowledge exam are only available in English. Give preference to watching the video lecture in English, as it will aid you in developing your Business English vocabulary.

Enrollment and Participation

Enroll in the crash course by filling out your information in this page. You will have access to the online learning platform, in which the course is available on. Once you log in to the platform, the recorded lesson will be available in three languages. To access the knowledge exam, you must watch the class in one of the three languages, and read the article along with the case study.

Collaborate, share

This crash course is an IBS Americas initiative, supported by the CUOA Business School, and has the objective of spreading knowledge in Business Administration from an international perspective. Send the link to this page to your friends and share it on your social media pages. We hope to form a generation of new leaders, with a solid conceptual education, ethical principles and values the cooperation between different cultures and people. Your support is very important for us to successfully pass on these ideas!