Balanced Scorecard

Strategic Management Online Crash Course

On this crash course you will learn how the Balanced Scorecard methodology can be important for a strategic company management and growth. Through the Uber case study, it’s possible to understand how a company that had financial losses in 2019, still attracts investors’ attention and is viewed as a good investment option for 2020.

With the support of Pearson College London, IBS Americas offers crash course, conferences and online events for you to acquire relevant knowledge of Business Administration, preparing you to develop an international career.

You will receive a Certificate of Participation equivalent to three hours worth of class, the best students of this crash course can also participate in the scholarship program offered by PCL and other institutions of the United States and Europe.

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Prof. Ricardo Britto is a Doctor in Business Administration by USP and Dean of IBS Americas. He is the coordinator of programs offered at Pearson College London and is a specialized researcher in the areas of Strategy and International Marketing.

Additional Information

Crash Course

This crash course consists of a video lecture, an article about the Balances Scorecard Strategy with a case study on Uber, and a knowledge exam. The video lecture is available in three languages, while the article and knowledge exam are only available in English. Give preference to watching the video lecture in English, as it will aid you in developing your Business English vocabulary. 

Enrollment and Participation

Enroll in the crash course by filling out the information form on this page. You will have access to the online learning platform in which the course is available on. Once you log in the platform, the course will be available to you. To access the knowledge exam, it’s necessary to watch the video lecture in one of the three languages available and read the article along with the case study.

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This crash course is an initiative of IBS Americas supported by Pearson College London, and has the objective of spreading knowledge of Business Administration from an international perspective. Send the link of this page to your friends and share it on your social networks. We wish to help form a generation of new leaders, with solidly developed concepts, ethical principles, and valuing of cooperation between different cultures and people. Your support is very important for us to pass these ideas forward.