Sustainable Companies and ESG Investment Funds Symposium

Online Symposium – December 16th, 2020

With the growth in corporate responsibility efforts came an increasing number of questions about the extent to which mainstream investors value sustainability initiatives and whether they impact a company’s financial performance. The socially responsible investors started to focus on three main areas: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance, and nowadays most of these investors incorporate ESG criteria into investment analysis based on the belief that ESG issues are a driver of financial returns. Since there are indications of a growing trend of ESG incorporation among mainstream investors, it is necessary to analyze how both green investment banks and sustainable companies seeking for funding adapt to this new scenario.

The Symposium, organized by IBS Americas, in association with public and private universities and foundations from Europe and the United States, is aimed at university students and young professionals with the objective of promoting debate on sustainability trends.

Prof. Ricardo Britto, Ph.D
Dean of IBS Americas

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Prof. Cesar Righetti: Dean of the Business Sustainability Research Center at IBS Americas. Engineer and Ph.D in Business Administration, with over 25 years of executive experience in multinational companies. As the BSRC (Business Sustainability Research Center) head, his main attribution is the development of pragmatic research and educational programs that address the ways companies face the environmental, social and governance demands from investors and society.

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» Keynote Speakers 

Anne Matusewicz, USA
Responsible Investment Strategist at Calvert Research and Management

Salla Ahonen, Finland
Vice President of Sustainability at Neste

Louise Rosenmeier, Denmark
Program & Partnership Officer from Corporate Affairs at CHR Hansen

» Schedule

December, 16th, 2020 

New York (USA): 1 pm
Buenos Aires (Argentina): 3 pm
Brasília (Brazil): 3 pm

Registration for participants is free of charge.

» Certificate

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